Get attention of your Restaurant’s Visual Marketing with Al Fresco!


Get attention of your Restaurant’s Visual Marketing with Al Fresco!

The phrase al fresco is Italian. When used in the U.S. relative to dining or restaurants, it means outside, or in the fresh air.
When a restaurant offers an al fresco dining option that means that they have an outdoor patio. Many restaurants are designed with outdoor seating, since we often have good weather. (Source:

Visual marketing is so significant that it delivers 86% of sale’s success, so why don’t you start to use your best spot of your outdoor patio that could get attention and bring more potential buyers coming.

Increase your sales opportunity with this concept by making such a “beautiful Scenery” describing how good the experience given combine with best tasty foods and excellent beverages, make the “experience” last longer in customer’s mind by visual marketing.

Play with “Mood” by manipulating color and contrast. Of course in Visual marketing, in order to get attention, you need to make attractive visual that so powerful and eye catching. Manipulate Color that speak so smooth that it could bring the mood up while in the same time wrapping it with bold and contrast communication to make your message so clear and sharp. why is it so important? because you are in restaurant business that market is so tough and competitive. if you are not bold and contrast, you are not be seen.

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