Dark Food Photography

Dark food Photography

Idea behind dark,

the Idea behind dark food photography is to create moody image that emphasize just the texture and detail while still preserving “ the misty” side of the photograph. How we understanding this concept in visual marketing? To get an attractive image! that send a message straight to the point with lowering any others supporting objects so the “pointed area” is so clear, bold and easy to digest, so please don’t make any other side areas as same lighting ratio with the pointed area otherwise your photo is gonna end up as bright photo with dark background

What you need to deliver

As today’s digital marketing, visual marketing takes 86% of your promotion success so you need to specific in what message you want to deliver. for example if you want to sell your steak as the tasty food, you send such a visual with tasty, oily and fresh food that become “a must try” steak in the industry.

Manipulate lighting

Again, lighting is so significant in dark food photography as a photo for visual marketing. use side and back lighting to reveal the texture. move your side lighting position and get the image that increase contrast of your product’s surface, move from side to far back and try to circling until you get best result and you think that enough. Don’t use just one big lighting covered with soft box from side as many food photography does and another harsh lighting from opposite side, instead be creative with more than one lighting. for instance, lighting your left side food with 2 light heads, one straight 90 degree the other 45 degree and see the different.


Simplify background

Painted all props you using with gray to dark color to create simple and in a same background tone color. If you are using napkins, paint it as well. use wooden base, to create mood or sense like in “vintage “ kitchen. Why we using dark color background? because we want to get focus on the product only but still have supporting props around. So go try and keep working on your food photography until you get one style you like in Dark Food Photography.

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