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Photographer Exterior should do


In Exterior photography preparation is crucial and critical, it doesn’t have to be talented to be an exterior photographer but you have to see details. You know the Harmony, Balance and all informations that you want to communicate to viewers. The thing is when you are professional photographer to do visuals that will be used to increased sales such as hotels, restaurant, villa, bungalow, office room, room for rents or others with  , it has to be details. here are some points, when you do preparation in exterior photography


Look around, to get the best angle and best perspective

Don’t stop and jump to shoot, leave your camera in your bag and start to explore all the perspective of the building when you do Exterior Photography. get the best position or angle of the building, sometime you get building with tight environment and messy cables hanging around outside the building but keep looking for the best angle ever. Don’t get agitated with the situation because you need to get best picture of the building in Exterior Photography and you are a person which is professionally hired to do that.


When you do Exterior Photography,

If its necessary, control the set, furnitures, add models.

If the building excellent, it is good to start, but if it’s not try to control the set. remove unnecessary things that are not supporting. get neat and line up, clean and simple. always look of the furnitures, add more things such as books on the table, flowers with red colour or candles to illuminate the shadow areas. Models also good to create mood and to send a particular information but the picture will not last for long because people tend to get bored to see same models for such period of time. Move furnitures also fine as long as you got permission from the owner to create best perspective. sometime you get good angle but furniture blocks so it’s better you remove it and place it to appropriate one.


The Main lighting in Exterior Photography is sun

Learn the building in its position towards sun as main lighting source. Study the building position compare to the sun comes up, east or west. if the building facing west, do Exterior Photography at dawn, and if the building facing east, do Exterior Photography at dusk. what about if the building not facing straight to both direction? don’t worry, get in both time and see the best time to shoot.


Get the best colour temperature to create mood or any point that you want to communicate

Always remember, colours create mood, in Exterior Photography, you want to create that mood. You want to create a sense of specific energy or even spirit in that building. each time in dawn and dusk has specific colour to create mood. weather also contributes significant colour to that building,  all you need to do is inspect the colour illuminated.


Sun position should not be higher than 45 angle to reveal texture.

Yes, definitely if you can reveal the texture of your building in Exterior Photography, your picture will last for long. because texture create 3 dimensional look instead of 2 dimensional look. how you get texture reveal of the building, I will explain that in detail on my next article.


Add artificial light to increase the building present if its possible.

Illuminate your set with studio lighting  to strengthen your picture, it is true, adding more lighting with strobe or studio lighting increase contrast and get picture more strong and saturated in colour.


Get the best ratio of ambient light, window light, and artificial light to increase mood and balance.

Last, you need to balance all light sources. make it all work together in harmony. And create mood to increase selling point.

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