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Producing Photos and Videos based on marketing concept that increase Awareness in Marketing Digital .

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To maintain continued growth, a company must have strong commitment and quality which are capable to seizing market opportunities and delivering clear message in Visual Communication in Marketing before the competition does.

Desky, his photography, videography savvy and visual communication expertise will help you do just that. he possesses a powerful commitment to task, a drive for excellence, and the ability to respond to customer needs. For example, in his portfolios:

He increased client’s sales opportunity by upgrading Visual Communication in marketing efficiency resulting in annual increased in profitability.

He reduced long post production process, thereby improving productivity. This released enough working capital to enable clients to have a great deal of price.

He did Marketing Concept, that means conduct everything based on marketing point of view.

He did Analytic and Planning, staging clients position in Business Life Cycle Graphic to set best needs. Planning the best solution to increase sale opportunities

He Created Best Creative, by leveraging Visual Communication in Marketing with photography and videography disciplines such as manipulating Brightness, Compositions and Colors


Increase CONVERSION RATE in business

These achievements are certain to prove both valuable in Visual Communication in Marketing and Marketing Strategy to client’s needs in today tight competition.

Some of visuals in Digital Marketing  grabbed more market.

Desky with DESKYCOM will do Analytic, Planning, and Visual Communication to help clients get excellency in Digital Marketing, resulting Visuals Campaign that could increase sale opportunities.



Rahasia Memotret Hotel dan Villa

Dalam rangka menembus ketatnya persaingan di industry perhotelan atau hospitality industry di dunia digital marketing saat ini, pemaksimalan foto hotel pada website dan social media jadi satu kunci untuk memenangkan peluang penjualan. Foto hotel dibutuhkan dalam kualitas terbaik dan bernilai jual yang sangat bersaing untuk membantu peningkatan traffic pada website untuk mendorong meningkatnya pelanggan baru. …


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